SUNDAY NIGHT IMPROV – a "unique" (Time Out New York), "wonderful" (Backstage), "hilarious" (Newark Star-Ledger) comedy jam session – continues its run of Sunday performances on the Upper West Side at the STANDUP NY COMEDY CLUB at 236 West 78th Street at 6 PM!

SNI IS BACK!SNI IS BACK!The "jam," which began in 1993, mixes and matches experienced improvisers from a wide variety of successful New York City improv troupes. The fluctuating cast members are all alumni of – or current performers at – such groups/theater companies as Chicago City Limits, First Amendment, The Unusual Suspects, The PIT, and UCB Theater. Regular performers include Tom Carrozza, Chris Griggs, Ian Prior, Carl Kissin, Rosemary Hyziak, Todd Cowdery, Amy Wilkinson, Larry Bell, Camille Theobold, Alex Berkowitz, and Tom Soter as "The Emcee."

The Sunday Night Improv shows are at the STANDUP NY COMEDY CLUB, 236 West 78th Street, just off Broadway, every Sunday at 6 PM. Admission is $10. Reservations: 212-353-7716. Attend the 4:30 to 5:30 PM class on Sundays and see  the show for free!

Fast and Funny Improv

An ongoing drop-in class, for anyone who wants a quick tour of the improv world. The class, for all levels, features performers from the cast of Sunday Night Improv. You can do scenes with veteran improv performers – and then stay and see them perform in Sunday Night Improv! Class fee includes a ticket to that night's performance of SNI.

Location: 78th Street Theater Lab
236 West 78th Street

Time: 5:30-6:30 P.M.

Fee: $10 per class; fee includes ticket to performance of Sunday Night Improv
Instructor: Tom Soter

Improv for Everyone

An ongoing drop-in class, focusing on how to create improvised scenes and stories. Students are taught the basics of good scene work in a supportive environment.  

  • Time: Monday, 7-9 P.M.
  • Location: 78th Street Theater Lab 236 West 78th Street
  • Fee: $25 per class; $225 for ten classes
  • Instructor: Tom Soter


Juliette Moore: star studentJuliette Moore: star student

Carol Schindler's Improv Intensive


Carol Schindler, a founding member of the highly acclaimed CHICAGO CITY LIMITS improv troupe and a former student of improv legends Del Close (SECOND CITY) and Paul Sills (THE COMPASS PLAYERS) teaches a four-hour improv intensive for advanced improvisers. "Carol is a wonderful teacher and her classes are educational -- and fun!" says Tom Soter, producer of SUNDAY NIGHT IMPROV.

 Time: Saturday, July 14, 1-5 P.M.

Location: Soter/Lee Blackbox Theater, 236 West 78th Street

Fee: $75.

Instructor: Carol Schindler

Corporate Workshops

We offer corporate workshops. Call/e-mail for more information.
"Our design department's Improv 'theory & practice' sessions with Tom Soter were a remarkable experience for all of us. Over a two week period, the NY Design Department at kpe engaged in theatrical improvisation seminars. Having now experienced these improv sessions for myself, I realized all over again that we've got a really amazing group of individuals here - sharp, spontaneous, thoughtful, ingenious. and, did I say creative? The excercises ranged from simple speaking to collaborative storyline generation. Tom Soter, the coach, designed this program especially for us to encompass the
challenges of the studio environment - presence, articulation, presentation, cooperation, communication. I recommend the improv approach to everyone. At the very least, I think that as a department, it 're-introduced' us to the qualities that make us a great team. thanks again, Tom!" – Scott Nazarian, executive, kpe advertising

Sunday Night Improv

SNI Front pageSNI Front page


SUNDAY NIGHT IMPROV – a "unique" (Time Out New York), "wonderful" (Backstage), "hilarious" (Newark Star-Ledger) comedy jam session – continues its run of Sunday performances on the Upper West Side at the StandUp NY Comedy Club at 236 West 78th Street, just off Broadway, every Sunday at 6pm. Admission is $10.  Reservations: 212-353-7716.

Performer of the Month


I was born in Salt Lake City, August 30th 1989. I grew up just right outside of Salt Lake in an area called Murray then at 14 moved to Bayfield, Colorado.  

My first improv class was in 2009 while attending The American Musical and Dramatic Academy. The teacher was this frizzy haired, plump, woman who only wore purple. It wasn't a great first impression I remember often thinking "This is nothing like Who's Line Is It Anyway, Isn't improv supposed to be funny?" I've always been a goofball but for some reason comedy hadn't crossed my mind as a possible route for my career, I was stuck on dancing and singing. I graduated later that year and started doing small shows and cabarets, that's when I discovered that for me funny songs were easier to perform and generally easier to sing. From that moment on I started experimenting with comedy in all forms, sketch, stand up, comedic songs, and soon dropped dancing and musical theatre all together. Stand up was awesome but I felt too stuck in a monologue of jokes, just the slightest distraction threw me off, so I signed up for an improv class at Upright Citizen's Brigade in 2010. That is when fell in love with improv.

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