The Man with the Golden Bullet

By Tom Soter

Before I improvised on stage, I improvised on film – in a series of Super-8 movies directed by Christian Doherty between 1971 and 1973. This is one of them, from when I was just a mere youth:

The Man with the Golden Bullet
Directed by Christian Doherty. Filmed: 1971
With Alan Saly, Tom Soter, Tom Sinclair, and Cameron Doherty as Marie
Music by Nick Soter
The fifth in the Henry Sorelli spy movie series, this installment finds Henry (Alan Saly) trying to recover his girlfriend (Cameron Doherty) from the assassins Dr. Life (Tom Soter) and Dr. Death (Tom Sinclair). Highlights: the roof sequence, the playground fight, and Nick Soter’s memorable title tune (“He’s a rough one, the golden bullet man/Quite a tough one known throughout the land”), which you’ll be humming by movie’s end.