We offer workshops every 

Sunday afternoon from 4:30-5:30 P.M.


An ongoing drop-in class, for anyone who wants a quick tour of the improv world. The class is for all levels. Cost of class includes admission to Sunday Night Improv comedy jam that evening, from 6-7 P.M.

Fee: $10 per class; fee includes ticket to performance of Sunday Night Improv

Instructor: Tom Soter 

 Student comments:  

Last night, I attended Sunday Night Improv with Tom Soter. I love improv. I believe in the, “Yes, and…” philosophy. Say yes and then move the story along. The one-hour class went quickly.

After a scene in which I was making a ton of offers to my partner, Tom gave me a bit of advice, “You don’t have to work so hard.” Wow! He also advised the class not to try to be clever, but to “Say the simple thing.” Brilliant. I’m going back.


An ongoing drop-in class, focusing on how to create improvised scenes and stories. Students are taught the basics of good scene work in a supportive environment.

 Time: Monday, 7-9 P.M.

Location: Studio 150, 150 W. 46th Street 6th floor

Fee: $30 per class; $270 for ten classes

Instructor: Tom Soter


We also offer corporate workshops. Call/e-mail for more information.

"Our design department's Improv 'theory and practice' sessions with Tom Soter were a remarkable experience for all of us. Over a two week period, the New York Design Department at kpe engaged in theatrical improvisation seminars. Having now experienced these improv sessions for myself, I realized all over again that we've got a really amazing group of individuals here - sharp, spontaneous, thoughtful, ingenious. and, did I say creative? The exercises ranged from simple speaking to collaborative storyline generation.

"Tom Soter, the coach, designed this program especially for us to encompass the challenges of the studio environment - presence, articulation, presentation, cooperation, communication. I recommend the improv approach to everyone. At the very least, I think that as a department, it 're-introduced' us to the qualities that make us a great team. Thanks again, Tom!" Scott Nazarian, executive, kpe advertising

Tom SoterTom SoterMob scene: Carl Kissin (far right) and the N.Y.  Improv Squad at 1985 Festival of Street Entertainers.     Mob scene: Carl Kissin (far right) and the N.Y. Improv Squad at 1985 Festival of Street Entertainers