WHO WERE YOUR ACTING/IMPROV INFLUENCES, ROLE MODELS? Character voices  June Foray, comedy  Gracie Allen, smothers brothers, music Tom Leaher, Role model Lilly Tomlin

WHERE WERE YOU BORN? HOW DID YOU GET STARTED IN IMPROV? Yonkers NY,  My whole life was improvisation. I was on my own at 18 putting myself through college so when ever anyone asked can you play this or that. I'd say  "Nobody does (fill in blank) like I do" and take the job whether I was qualified  or not. That lead to acting jobs and  radio commercials.  Because nobody does voices like I do. 

WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF PERFORMING?  Money! Hahah. The satisfaction of entertaining and sharing my joy of it with audience.

DETAIL, CHRONOLOGICALLY, YOUR IMPROV RESUME/CAREER? In short, performing improvisation in college, then part of a traveling stage show for low income areas. Then coming to New York and auditioning for the First Amendment Theater company as an act, which soon evolved into Strictly Improv a show that ran for  I think 13-14 years where I worked with the most talented group people  I will ever know. Everyone a stand  out including my long time comedy springboard, Tom Carrozza.

WHO WERE YOUR TEACHERS?  One stand out Shaw Robinson and the school of life.

WHAT DO YOU GET FROM DOING SUNDAY NIGHT IMPROV? IS IT FUN?  A great workout and the pleasure of working some of New York's top improvisors. Its a great fu and a challenge, especially  since sometimes I'll be working with people I never met. So you never know what can happen!

DESCRIBE YOUR MOST CHALLENGING IMPROV MOMENT?   Performing improv live on television and also working with Robin Williams

YOUR MOST REWARDING IMPROV WORK?  See above; also working and performing for cancer patients and the wounded warrior program.

DONE ANY WORK IN TV? FILMS? SCRIPTED THEATER? Written and performed on HBO & FOX TV Credits: The Colin Quinn Show, Saturday Night Live, All My Children, The Sopranos, Nickeloden, Sirrus radio and in numerous commercials usually playing an Italian peasant.  I also had the audaciy to sing for Barbra Streisand and be proud of it. I am a a proud member of the Friars club and host  of Comedy Concepts Blog Radio You can see the Nancy Lombardo Show every Friday at 7 P.M. on Channels 56, Time Warner; 83, RCN; 34 FIOS; and live on the internet  WWW.MNN.ORG .

WHERE DO YOU HOPE TO GO WITH THIS? just to keep challenge my creative side by thinking creating and performing in the moment. That and the guaranteed comedy pilot I was told I would get if I did Tom Soter's show.

WORST IMPROV EXPERIENCE?  Being physically hurt by an out of control improvisor  on stage. That's why it's important to train and know what your doing at all times.